Borrowing 4000 US dollars cheaply

Why borrowing more than 4000 USD? Certain purchases can be financed through this amount with a small loan. Financing a vacation that is not entirely cheap can also be considered. Another purpose is to replace expensive overdraft facilities with a cheap installment loan. Such refinancing is always advisable if the available planning framework has been exhausted for a long time or even tolerated to be exceeded.

In the end, debt restructuring not only avoids costs, but consumers also do something for their creditworthiness. Credit bureaus negatively note the constant operation at the dispo limit. Regardless of the reasons why a small loan over 4000 USD should be taken out, it is always advisable to use the possibilities of the Internet for a simple and free loan comparison.

Even if the interest burden is not too high, who would like to give something to banks? Not only direct banks offer their services and instant loans online. You can also find other financial service providers there that are a cheap alternative to conventional banks and that help their customers obtain particularly advantageous credit terms.

Some of these financial service providers are not included in any loan calculator.

Record 4000 USD with Cream Bank

Record 4000 USD with Cream Bank

Cream Bank is a reputable German credit broker who does not charge any upfront costs for its services. If the loan agreement is concluded, the agency commission is regularly included in the effective interest. In most cases, the interest charged to customers by the commission does not increase, or only insignificantly, because the lending bank advocates it.

Online credit intermediaries are a phenomenon of the internet age. In fact, every credit comparison should also include the offers of these financial service providers.

While credit calculators can neither give users comprehensive advice nor provide really good offers for borrowers with average or below-average credit ratings, credit brokers often manage to get reasonable loans for this group of customers.

We recommend Cream Bank:

  • The financial service provider from Halle is characterized by particularly good customer care and customer advice.
  • Credit inquiries and credit offers are always free and non-binding at Cream Bank.
  • The financial service provider limits itself to brokering loans. Customers are not bothered by home visits, and no attempt is made to provide them with unnecessary insurance when lending.
  • Cream Bank advises on debt rescheduling and handles refinancing for the customer free of charge.
  • Unlike direct banks, Cream Bank doesn’t surrender to difficult cases. Even if the credit rating is bad, the loan broker tries to find reasonable credit solutions. Loans despite a negative Credit Bureau are not excluded from the outset, unless the entries are hard, for example due to an affidavit, a warrant or bankruptcy.
  • The self-employed have a real credit opportunity at Cream Bank, especially when it comes to small and medium-sized amounts. There are no interest premiums. All professional groups, freelancers, tradesmen or craftsmen are eligible to apply. A loan of 4000 USD can be applied for from the first month of self-employment. In many cases, unlike other banks, only a few documents are required to prove the income situation.
  • Finally, Cream Bank arranges small loans without Credit Bureau. However, the loan broker always tries to provide his customers with a significantly cheaper normal installment loan, unless a Credit Bureau-free loan is expressly requested.

For 4000 USD loans, the interest rates depend on the creditworthiness.

Terms from 12 months can be agreed. Relatively long terms, for example 72 or 84 months, are also feasible, even with smaller amounts.

4000 USD credit comparison from Astro Finance

4000 USD credit comparison from Astro Finance

The Astro Finance comparison calculator is of course free of charge and non-binding. Here are a few tips for using credit comparison:

  • Don’t forget to indicate the intended use. In some cases, such as loans for car financing or used car financing, better terms are offered for earmarked loans.
  • Choose a short term to keep the total cost of the loan as low as possible.
  • Pay attention to flexibility in terms of credit. Free special repayments are now standard. Some direct banks also offer redemption suspension and free early loan repayment.

The comparison takes into account almost all known direct banks. In many cases, the processing time for the loan can be shortened by optionally using the video identification procedure and uploading documents via secure connections. Some partner banks also offer a fully digitized loan without paperwork.

Instead of the cumbersome sending of documents for the credit check, a so-called “account view” takes place. After the applicant has sent the access data of his salary account via a secure connection, the account movements are evaluated. Immediately afterwards, the applicant receives a loan offer, provided his credit rating is assessed positively.

The loan comes into existence after the offer has been electronically signed.

Immediately afterwards, the bank arranges the transfer of the loan amount to the specified account. In the best case scenario, the money is available the next day. A computer with a camera is required to take out a digital loan. A smartphone is best suited.

So Astro Finance not only advertises with the commonly used term “instant loan”, but also does a lot so that users of the loan comparison can clarify as quickly as possible whether their loan application has any prospect of success.

4000 USD loan from private

4000 USD loan from private

Personal loans are brokered on the Internet by so-called credit exchanges. The platforms bring borrowers and investors together and receive a commission. Those interested in credit set up a loan project on the platform, communicate their loan request and describe the purpose. Investors can bid on the project even with small amounts.

If the loan project is fully or largely financed within a specified time frame, a loan contract is concluded with the involvement of a partner bank. For legal reasons, the lending must be done through the partner bank, but the money comes from private investors. The market leader in Germany is Auxmoney. The credit exchange has developed a process that in many cases enables credit agreements to be concluded quickly.

This includes a separate procedure for determining creditworthiness. However, Credit Bureau information is not waived. Loans from private individuals tend to be slightly more expensive than loans from direct banks. Nevertheless, credit exchanges can be attractive to borrowers in certain cases.

This is especially true for the self-employed, even when it comes to financing smaller investments. Solvent retirees are more likely to have a realistic chance with Auxmoney than with most direct banks.

Auxmoney does not provide loans without Credit Bureau. But the termination of a loan project is not excluded even if there are soft negative Credit Bureau entries.

In such cases, it is helpful if the vehicle is assigned as security by way of security in the event of a loan being granted.

The credit exchange has developed a process that enables transfer by way of security at no great expense.

Credit without

Credit without

A 4,000 USD loan without Credit Bureau will not be possible. Credit Bureau-free small loans are standardized down to the last detail and are only offered for over 3,500 USD, 5,000 USD or 7,500 USD. They are expensive. The interest rates are to be compared with those of overdrafts.

German banks do not offer these credit products. You can, however, apply online directly to the Good Lender or to a credit broker. A prerequisite is a proven sufficient income from sustainable dependent employment.

If you are not fixated on the amount of 4000 USD, you can of course take out a Credit Bureau-free loan of 3,500 USD or 5,000 USD. The credit broker Cream Bank recommended here advises customers on the conditions under which a Credit Bureau-free loan actually makes sense.

Another option is direct completion with the Good Lender.

Income is a prerequisite

Often, loans are sought in the order of 4000 USD without income, creditworthiness or without proof of salary. The idea obviously plays a role that, with small amounts of more than 4,000 USD, there are particularly loose procurement guidelines.

But that’s not the case. Sufficient income from a professional activity is always required. Most direct banks themselves do not receive loans for trainees, students, unemployed people or people receiving social benefits.

The Capital Lender is an exception. The bank takes part in the Astro Finance loan comparison. Other financial service providers, such as Lite Lender, enable these groups of people to make a loan request. A guarantor or a co-signer is then required, who is the actual borrower.


Vacation credit – finance the vacation trip with a credit

One can generally differentiate between two types of holiday credit: Directly with the tour operator or via an installment loan with a bank or savings bank. It is important to compare – and not just the lure offers, but concrete offers that are calculated individually depending on your own liquidity.

Loan term

Loan term

The next consideration concerns the term. Installment loans are usually and sensibly based on the useful life. This can be particularly long for a real estate loan – a maximum of 5-6 years for a car loan.

The travel loan obeys other rules because of its very limited use:

  • Contract Period:
    Under no circumstances should the term be more than 1 year – better a maximum of 6 months. You don’t want to go on your next vacation and pay off the credit from last year. In addition, the vacation fund may be clammy again next year – and who wants to pay off several vacation loans at the same time?
  • If you go after the period of use, you can also take advantage of the recovery effect. Depending on the duration of the trip, travel destination, travel type and occupation, this ranges from one day to several weeks. It remains to be seen whether the lagging recovery will not be negatively impacted by credit rates.

loan amount

loan amount

Even with the amount of the loan (net loan amount plus interest and fees to be paid), i.e. the loan amount, it is important to make compromises between the recovery to be bought – and the repayment. In addition to your partner, you can only agree on the amount with your conscience and the account balance. Maybe less is more – for example, you can also travel in the cheaper low season – or book 2 stars instead of 3. Of course, you should also be able to enjoy the best time of the year, but maybe you are on the road all day anyway and can do without luxury in your hotel room.

It is also advisable to have at least half of the holiday costs already available – and to take out the rest as a loan. Then you can estimate the value of money better than that of completely stored money. Furthermore, the amount should not exceed 1,000 USD if possible. After all, it is a short-term pleasure and not a sustainable investment.



If you receive offers with interest of less than 3 percent, you can confidently tick them off. These so-called decoy offers are only granted with the best credit rating – and then you would not need the holiday loan after all. Effective annual interest rates of 5 to 6 percent are more realistic. In contrast to real estate or the vehicle, the bank cannot simply have the vacation attached if there are no payments. Of course, the institutes can have this increased uncertainty paid by the borrower.

If an immediate loan is also required because the vacation is just around the corner, this also has a negative impact on the borrowing rate.

Credit Bureau query

Credit Bureau query

When signing the loan agreement, each bank will also require you to obtain Credit Bureau information. If you already have a negative entry, it will be difficult in the normal way. In principle, you could convince the bank with sufficient and tangible collateral for the travel loan – but that will not be entirely plausible due to the relatively low loan amount.

You would then have to make an effort to obtain Credit Bureau-free loans (e.g. with credit).


Building Loan / Real Estate Loan – Useful information on real estate and construction finance

Your way to your own house or apartment

For many Germans, this is a lifelong dream: owning your own property. Stable or increasing in value, durable, cross-generational and rock solid.

Whether you have your dream house built from scratch, even lend a hand, choose a prefabricated house or even buy an existing house – or fulfill your dream of a city or penthouse apartment: In most cases, this goal is only about to reach the path of a long-term loan in order to be able to cope with the six-figure purchase or construction amounts.

As motivation for the “own property” project , the wisdom that is often used is appropriate: In life, you finance at least one property – either your own or that of a landlord. But even if many know this, they shy away from this fundamental decision: only around 45 percent of Germans live in their own property – less than in other countries.


  • Real estate finance tips
    Funding and grants, comparison, other tips
  • Nine options for a building loan
    Annuity loan, 8 plus 5 loan, full mortgage loan, family mortgage, home loan combination loan, full financing, variable loan, combination loan, home loan contract

Building loan – money for your building project

Building loan - money for your building project

We would like to give you an overview of the most important things that are of interest when financing a construction project. Building finance therefore includes all exhausted types of financing that serve to cover the capital requirements for a construction project.

Self-financing / debt financing

The construction financing is basically divided into own funds, which are brought in as cash or real assets – and outside funds, which mostly cover the larger part of the sum and are brought in by third parties, for example banks.

own funds

Own resources include all values ​​that are currently available or during the construction project. In addition to balances on accounts, cash, building society savings, land, and personal contributions (muscle mortgage). In the ideal case, one assumes an equity component of 20 to 30 percent of the financing. If sufficient own funds are not available, there is also the full financing model. However, you should bear in mind that banks have tightened their credit conditions since the financial crisis at the latest and charge substantial interest premiums of over one percent with a low equity component. You should therefore try to put your existing capital as much as possible into the equity component. In most cases, the top interest rates offered by the banks can only be achieved from 40 percent equity.

Real estate finance tips

Real estate finance tips

Receive grants and grants

Before taking out a building loan from a bank for building a house, buying a house or renovating, you should find out whether you can use public funding for your project. This is more often the case than one might think.

On the one hand, the development bank in the respective federal state usually grants cheap loans to families with children. Municipalities away from the big cities or in less sought-after locations also attract visitors with discounted building plots. It is best to inquire with your city or district administration.

The Best Bank not only gives popular opinion cheap loans for the renovation, but also for the construction or purchase of houses and apartments. But especially with regard to energy-efficient construction and renovation as well as age-appropriate living.

Real estate buyers can also benefit from tax benefits from Riester subsidies if they finance their own residential property with a certified Riester loan (residential Riesters).

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (Bafa) will also reward you with grants if you choose to use renewable energies for heating.

The state continues to pay a housing construction premium of 8.8 percent for home savings.

Comparison of construction finance

In order to find the most suitable and cheapest offer for you , you should obtain at least three – or better a few more – financing offers from banks or credit intermediaries. This ensures that you have a solid and balanced decision-making basis in front of you when making this long-term decision.

Be aware that you are entering into a business partnership with the bank. You get nothing for free – and the bank earns well on your loan. Have unclear points explained and you always have a good gut feeling. In the end, the entire package with all modalities has to be right – not only the cheapest interest rate is decisive.

more tips:

  • Don’t overdo yourself
    Even if you want to repay the loan as quickly as possible and this is commendable, you should not cut back too much in your comfort of life. Determine your exposure limit and also a feel-good burden for the monthly interest, the repayment and a security reserve of around two USD per square meter for fees, taxes, insurance and other expenses. This amount should not exceed 40-50 percent of your household net income.
    In addition to the real estate costs, there are at least costs for brokers, notaries, land register entry, relocation, furniture, etc. You should be able to pay these out of your own funds if possible, since they make the loan unnecessarily more expensive: Since the loan amount is secured with a mortgage on the property, higher interest rates are also due for all these unsecured values.
  • Bring in equity
    Most banks want to see at least 20 percent of customers as equity. The more the customer has his own funds and thus reduces the risk for the bank, the better he can negotiate the loan terms and tickle out tenths of a percentage point or more comfortable terms. However, you should not make a complete checkout and bring in your full savings, but also keep a security cushion of five monthly salaries if possible.
  • Secure low interest rates for a long time
    Secure the current historical low interest rates not only for the minimum term of ten years, but even for 15 or 20 years if you are unable to pay off the loan in the foreseeable future. This is particularly recommended when the initial repayment is three percent. Of course, you should consider the interest premiums of up to 0.6 percentage points for 20 years as opposed to ten years of fixed interest rates. However, this premium was twice as high a few years ago, so it is good business for long-term interest rate security.
  • Right of termination after 10 years
    It is important to know that the loan can be terminated after ten years regardless of the fixed interest rate – for example, if the interest is then even lower, you have the entire remaining amount available or would like to choose a shorter follow-up loan. This leaves you flexible despite long-term interest rate security. The right to cancel is in § 489 BGB and allows the existing mortgage to be terminated after a period of ten years from full payment with a six-month period. In this case, a prepayment penalty is of course not due.
  • Negotiate repayment as flexibly as possible
    If you expect an inheritance or larger capital inflows, you should agree on a special repayment right when taking out the loan. Almost all banks now offer up to five percent annually – many even without interest premiums. You should also be able to adjust the repayment rate retrospectively – for example if you expect medium-term promotion and higher income or – in the opposite case – want to take parental leave or become unemployed.
    It should be clear in advance how often you can change the repayment and what it costs.
  • Secure discounts
    If you opt for a full repayment loan – that is, to pay off the loan amount in full and without a follow-up loan – you can ask your bank for cheaper loan interest than, for example, for annuity loans. The reason is that the bank itself receives interest rebates on this borrowed money because it is repaid faster. Some banks pass some of these discounts on to their customers. Depending on the loan amount, the bottom line is that you can expect four-figure interest savings.
  • Take out insurance
    When taking out a real estate loan, you should take out insurance against the risks of disability, unemployment and death – especially in the interests of your family. Therefore, get thorough advice on residual debt insurance and life insurance.
  • no illegal costs
    If the bank tries to charge you the costs of the credit check, you do not have to accept this, according to a judgment of the Federal Court of Justice. According to the judgment of the OLG Düsseldorf, the cost of the property’s valuation does not have to be borne by the credit customer.

Nine options for a building loan

Nine options for a building loan

In addition to the annuity loan, which is very common, banks – but mostly not actively – offer alternative financing options. Therefore, ask specifically for an offer for a real estate loan tailored to you and your situation. Some banks are already beginning to independently point out other variants that go beyond standard solutions and offer you individual flexibility.

We would like to introduce the following nine options to you:

  • annuity

    The classic, best known and most common form of real estate financing. This form is very simple and is therefore highly recommended by banks to minimize the amount of advice. Annuity loans account for more than 2/3 of all mortgage loans in Germany.

    For an annuity loan, the interest rate, the initial repayment and the monthly installment are fixed at 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years. Due to the constant rate, the repayment portion increases from month to month. The higher the initial repayment rate, the earlier the loan is paid off. The remaining debt after the fixed interest period must be paid off using a follow-up loan at new conditions.

    Interest rates increase with the length of the term. The average interest rate for 5-year loans is currently around 1.96 percent, for 10-year-olds it is already 2.53 percent and 3.19 percent if the rate is fixed for 20 years.

    Advantages of the Annuity Loan:
    The constant rates are transparent from the start and the customer can adjust to them.

    Early repayment is not possible before 10 years have elapsed – for example in the case of a large inheritance. Only with 15- or 20-year loans is an early full repayment possible with a six-month notice period after 10 years.
    In addition, with short fixed interest periods and low repayments, there is a risk that follow-up financing and thus the monthly installments will become significantly more expensive due to the then still considerable residual debt with possibly higher interest rates and that you will no longer be able to hold your property.

    This loan is recommended for security-conscious property buyers without expected major cash inflows. Due to the current low interest rates and despite the higher interest rates, a long term with the best high initial repayment rates can be recommended.

  • 8-plus-5 loans

    In this variant, the interest rate is fixed at 13 (8 + 5) years. After eight years, however, there is the option of continuing to pay off the loan, repay it in full, or replace it with another mortgage loan.

    With a fixed interest period of 13 years, there is already the possibility of completely debt-free the property after eight years. Furthermore, the interest rate is up to 0.3 percent lower than for a 15-year annuity loan.

    So far only few banks offer it. So if you are interested, it is best to find a building broker.

    If you expect a larger inheritance or a large monetary blessing in the next 8 years, this flexible variant is highly recommended. It is particularly interesting for companies that are expecting a sale or an enormous boom in their business.

  • Volltilgerdarlehen

    With a full mortgage loan, the loan must be paid off in full within the term. The interest rate and the monthly installment are fixed until the end. Early repayment is generally not possible. With increasing term, the interest rates rise here too.

    Borrowers do not expect any surprises: they know exactly from the start – provided they have the necessary financial stamina – when they have paid off their property. There is no risk of expensive follow-up financing if interest rates are higher in the future. In addition, you can usually expect lower interest rates than an annuity loan, because early repayment is not possible.

    In most cases, this form can only be completed up to a maximum of 20 years. A high monthly charge is therefore unavoidable. In addition, as I said, early repayment is not possible.

    This form of mortgage lending is very interesting for very well earning borrowers who can cope with the high monthly installments for the foreseeable future. It is also highly recommended for builders with high equity, since the remaining amount can then be paid off more quickly within the term.

  • family mortgage

    If you have children, you can count on interest deductions from some banks and a property you use yourself. The interest rate per child is reduced by at least 0.25 percent for every 75,000 USD over 5 years. The possibilities of the fixed interest period are identical to the classic annuity loan. And even if a child is not yet born, the family mortgage can already be taken out. The interest advantage then only runs from birth.

    The lower interest rates in the first five years do not reduce the monthly installments, but the amount saved is put into the repayment. This means that the loan is paid off in the end.

    Be sure to compare different offers – even without a family mortgage bonus. Some banks offer this form, but at higher interest rates – which then removes the bonus.

    This variant can be a little cheaper for owner-occupied properties and with children, but you should compare the offers carefully.

  • Home loan combination loan, constant loan

    In a way similar to the Volltilger loan. However, in addition to the monthly payment of interest on the total debt, a home loan savings contract is saved for repayment. If this is ready for allocation after seven to ten years (around half of the contract amount must be saved), the total amount will be paid out in full. The other half, which has not yet been saved, will then be repaid as a loan in another seven to ten years.

    The constant loan is a form of the home loan combination loan with a longer term. Building loan contracts are terminated after 14 to 20 years and the property is in debt. Constant loans, on the other hand, can have terms of up to 30 years. This can enable lower monthly rates, but of course the bottom line interest paid to the bank is considerably higher.

    The monthly installments remain the same and no follow-up financing is necessary. There is no need to fear interest rate hikes.

    Due to the building society contract, there is no 100% transparency with regard to interest. Furthermore, a commission of one percent of the total amount of the home savings is usually due for this, which must be paid to the bank in addition to the interest.

    No recommendation can be given for this variant. This form of mortgage loan is too expensive and not transparent. The bank is always the winner.

  • full funding

    Full financing is possible for buyers with only minimal own funds. Usually, 20 to 30 percent of the property price plus the incidental acquisition costs (real estate transfer tax, notary fees, land register fees, brokerage commission) must be borne from your own savings with equity. In the case of full financing, the bank issues a loan for the entire amount – including the incidental acquisition costs if necessary.

    The terms are the same as for the annuity loan: five, ten, 15 or 20 years, but the interest rates are higher. With 20 years of financing, the interest rate is already over five percent.

    It can also be possible to buy a property for young families or well-off single people without sufficient reserves. The bottom line is the monthly difference between rent payment and loan rates in the lower three-digit range and is possible with a little waiver or a part-time job.

    Especially as a single, buying a small apartment through full financing can be tempting. However, if living conditions change in a few years as a result of starting a family, the property may have to be sold again in order to acquire a larger one. The secondary acquisition costs, which can amount to up to 15 percent, are largely or completely lost if the value of the property has not increased significantly in the meantime.

    Self-used properties in particular are intended as long-term purchases. They should not be bought in the short term through full financing if they could no longer meet their own requirements in several years. However, if these concerns are resolved, full financing is an attractive option – especially for young families – to finance your own property instead of a monthly rent.

  • Variable loan

    The term and the interest rate of the variable loan are not fixed. Instead, the interest rate is adjusted every three, six or twelve months to the Bank. This is the interest rate at which banks in Europe borrow money from each other. It is currently 0.3 percent and up to 1.5 percent is added to it depending on the bank (150 basis points). Due to the variable interest rate (currently between 1.3 and 1.8 percent), the final term is also not exactly calculable.

    If the interest rate rises significantly, the loan can be terminated and fixed interest financing must be concluded for the remaining debt. However, this should be carefully considered, because sooner or later the Astro Finance can fall again and you can no longer get out of the fixed-rate loan.

    The proportion of variable loans in real estate financing in Germany was less than three percent at the end of 2013. In other countries, this variant is much more common and standard. According to experts, the main reason for this is that the bank earns less from it and does not actively offer it.

    With a variable loan, you benefit from a very low interest rate at the moment and also have the security of being able to regularly switch to another fixed-rate loan at the agreed terms. Due to the short notice period, the loan can also be regularly repaid in full for large cash inflows.

    The Astro Finance interest rate can also rise surprisingly and quickly. One example is the financial crisis, which caused interest rates to rise to over five percent. If you switched to a fixed-interest loan at that time, which also had higher interest rates, you still pay it today. If you had waited for the high Astro Finance, you would automatically have slipped back into cheaper interest rate regions. With such fluctuations, it is like gambling.

    This home loan option can be recommended for anyone who wants to and can quickly pay off their loan. Due to the low interest rates, a high initial repayment can be made. It is also interesting if a large capital inflow is to be expected in the foreseeable future – for example through an inheritance or other sales or free life insurance.

  • Combination loans

    In the case of a combined loan, the financing is made up of two different loans. This enables the risks and benefits to be shared. For example, two annuity loans with different terms can be combined. Or an annuity loan with a variable loan.

    As I said, you can get the benefits of both worlds through the combination: interest rate security and low interest rates. Of course, only proportionately. This distribution may allow the loan to be paid off faster.

    Sooner or later there will be follow-up financing of the first annuity loan. However, since the bank is already in the land register for the other sub-loan, no change of provider can take place. You are at the mercy of the new conditions – and especially the interest rates – of the bank. This can set the conditions without giving you another chance. The same also threatens if the variable partial loan in the event of Astro Finance increases is to be replaced by fixed financing.

    No recommendation can be given for this variant. Sooner or later you are exposed to the dictated conditions of the bank and cannot defend yourself against it. Until then, the combi loan offers a supposed flexibility.

  • Bausparvertrag

    The building loan contract (especially known for advertising from Schwäbisch Hall or Wüstenrot, for example) is a classic variant of early building finance and is divided into two phases: the savings phase and the loan phase.
    During the savings phase, the monthly installments are saved and interest is paid until about half the home savings sum is reached. Then the contract is ready for allocation and the agreed home savings sum is paid out and used for the construction purpose. The still missing amount is now granted as a loan and will be paid off in the following years with the same or – due to higher interest rates – possibly also higher monthly installments.

    With the home loan savings contract, you can save equity early on for later real estate purchases. Furthermore – concluded today – the current low interest rates for the future loan can also be secured. Since the building society is only entered as a subordinate creditor in the land register, financing can also be provided through other banks if necessary.

    Since the home savings sums are usually not as high as the home sums due to the short term, home savings contracts are only suitable as a cornerstone and part of home finance. Furthermore, a commission of at least one percent is due upon conclusion. The interest earned in the savings phase ideally covers this in the ideal case – but this is usually not enough.

    Since the home savings contract usually only saves equity for the purchase of real estate, you have to look for another loan for the main financing. This can be difficult due to the installments already to be paid – and if only with lower monthly installments, which in turn increases the term. It is therefore necessary to carefully examine and calculate whether a home savings contract is the right solution or whether a classic savings contract for the accumulation of equity should be considered instead. The building society contract is usually more expensive and also less transparent.

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Credit from Luxembourg

If you don’t get a loan from a Sparkasse or bank based in Germany, you can get annoyed very quickly and not least panic. Because especially when the money from the loan is urgently needed, the rejection by the banks can be very painful and make the financial situation almost unbearable. Probably the one who does not lose his nerve right away and responds to dubious offers, but first looks at which alternatives are available for borrowing.

One such alternative could be a loan from Luxembourg. Many prospective creditors do not know at all that there are banks in Luxembourg that lend to German citizens. In this context, only the so-called “Swiss loan” is mostly known, which in turn does not necessarily have to come from Switzerland, but is simply a synonym for foreign loans. A loan from Luxembourg is therefore a sensible consideration if you do not want to borrow in Germany.

Why a loan from Luxembourg?

Why a loan from Luxembourg?

As a rule, loan applications in Germany are rejected because Credit Bureau or income do not seem sufficient to be able to service a loan. While a correction can be made to the income within a very short time and there are additional loan variants in which the amount of income does not play a very important role, the Credit Bureau can hardly be shaken. If this has saved negative entries, they still remain in the school even if the reason for the negative entry has already been removed. For at least two years. However, since there is no bank in Germany that approves a loan from a negative Credit Bureau, those affected are in a difficult situation from which the loan from Luxembourg can be seen as a way out.

Because with a loan from Luxembourg it is not decisive what is in the Credit Bureau. No bank in Luxembourg has the option of querying Credit Bureau’s data. Therefore, the decision about a loan is not based on the Credit Bureau, but always on the collateral that the borrower can provide alongside the Credit Bureau.

What do these securities look like?

In the first place there is always a fixed and relatively high income, which allows the loan to be repaid to the bank within the negotiated period. The income should not come from a free or self-employed job, but should always be based on a permanent position. Even retirees, students or the unemployed have no chance of getting a loan from Luxembourg.

A permanent place of residence in Germany is seen as a second security. This must be documented with the help of an identity card. There must also be a minimum age of 18 and an account with a bank based in Germany. The money from the loan must be able to be transferred to this account, since no cash payment is possible.

What can be expected

The best chance of getting a loan from Luxembourg is when the collateral can be provided and only a small loan is sought. The less money borrowed, the lower the requirements of the banks and the less the requirements have to be checked.

The interest rate for loans from Luxembourg is higher than for loans from Germany. Up to 15 percent effective interest can be called up here. A lot of money, which justifies the question of the benefits of such loans.

We can give the following tip: If you take out the loan from small Luxembourg directly from a bank in Luxembourg and do not try to obtain the loan through an intermediary, you will get it at significantly better terms. It is therefore worthwhile to take a look and compare a little on the Internet. Most banks have made it very clear on their websites that they grant foreign loans. In such cases, the documents for applying for such loans are stored directly and can be printed out. Therefore, an intermediary who has to be paid and therefore increases the costs associated with the loan is actually not necessary at all.


Spring with everything thanks to fast loans!

The year is gone but also the cold. And with that, spring comes, the plants grow, the weather gets beautiful, it makes us want to go out and enjoy life to the fullest. Even our body is ready to bloom during the best of seasons. We are happy, wanting to fall in love, exercise and take advantage of every moment of the day, be it morning, afternoon or night.

Ok, it is true that every season of the year has its advantages and disadvantages. There will be some who prefer winter to stay warm at home, while others will prefer summer to go to the beach. If we start thinking, spring has it all, the weather is perfect, the atmosphere breathes joy, the colors are bright and people seem calmer. All this makes spring an ideal time to go on a mini-vacation or enjoy yourself. You can get away with your partner, family or friends; And surely they will have a great time. In addition, it is low season and is an ideal opportunity to leave the city.

Spring also brings landscapes at their best and the days are longer

Not only because we enjoy them more, but because they really are longer. In the winter, the sun sets before and the day cuts. On the other hand, if we go on a trip we can enjoy the beauty of nature with the full sun for longer. But traveling is not all we can do. Spring nights also invite you to dinner outdoors, which allow you to enjoy the cool weather and fair temperatures. A detail for nothing less: it is the perfect season to fall in love or fall in love again. The hormones, as you know, are at the top and we have to be ready to make the most of everything that life offers us.

Quick loans are the help you need

Quick loans are the help you need

Surely you will be wondering where to get the money for getaways or trips; For gifts and outings. One option is to deduct it from your salary or savings, but why not apply for a quick loan? Spring is also synonymous with renewal, rebirth, and a great opportunity to give us a taste. Plan your outings well, get accounts and if you have any missing I asked for a quick loan. With a good plan you will see that everything is simpler and fresh. Yes, exactly like spring.

What do you need to have one of these loans? Be an Argentine resident, be between 19 and 75 years old, have a regular income and fill out the form. That easy? yes. In Snowball you can request up to 5,000 dollars, a more than generous amount to enjoy a unique spring.

The time is now

The time is now

I asked for your quick loan and went out to live life. Money should not be a barrier. With the quick loans of Snowball Argentina you can get enough money to fully enjoy this spring and most importantly, fast loans are comfortable and easy to obtain and if this is your first loan remember that you have 0% interest.

Find out now how to get your loan and you will see how simple it is. In a short time, you will have the money in your hands to spend an unforgettable spring.


Credit for Used Cars

Not only new cars are often bought with a pump. Young smokers, which can also cost many thousands of USD, are also very happy to be financed. This means that paying cash for used cars is becoming less and less important and is making room for a loan for used cars.

The banks and savings banks as well as the car dealerships themselves have a wide variety of models available for financing. But which model is the most suitable? And what are the advantages and disadvantages for the user? We want to clarify all of this at this point.

Find good funding

Paying a used car in cash – for many buyers, this is no longer an option. The financing offers are too good to be able to ignore them and to fall back on the hard saved money. In addition, the financing is also offered on a large scale and it is therefore not even necessary to search for a suitable offer for a long time.

You can choose between a loan for a used car from an independent bank or the various financing offers that the dealer has on site. Which option is the best depends on various factors that should be checked and considered in advance.

The independent loan for used cars from the bank

The independent loan for used cars from the bank

Those who want to take out the loan directly from a bank have several advantages. On the one hand, you can search for suitable offers in a very targeted manner. Interest rates can be compared, thus reducing the costs associated with the loan. If an installment loan is also sought, even the loan amount can be determined entirely freely, since an installment loan is not earmarked and therefore does not ask for any purpose. Even a car loan can be taken out for a used car.

Another advantage is the fact that the bank can use the credit for the used car to pay for the vehicle in cash at the dealer. In all likelihood, this brings an additional discount when buying, which lowers the cost of the purchase again. Therefore, many borrowers opt for this variant of borrowing, since the advantages and, above all, the price aspect speak very clear words.

The credit for the used car from the dealer

The credit for the used car from the dealer

But the car dealers also offer some interesting financing models that should definitely be considered. These would be leasing, three-way financing and the balloon or installment loan.

With leasing, the vehicle is more or less only rented and you only pay a monthly discount as a user. When the leasing period has expired, the vehicle is returned and you have no further obligations. A new vehicle can then be leased or bought.

With three-way financing, normal rates are paid. In the end, however, the customer has the freedom to decide what happens to the vehicle. So he can give it in advance for a new vehicle, trigger the vehicle or simply continue to finance it. Exactly as the condition of the vehicle allows and which future plans have been forged.

With balloon financing, only small installments are paid per month. However, the last installment is very large and ultimately decides to buy the vehicle. the installment loan, on the other hand, has consistently high installments, like those offered by banks and savings banks, which are paid off over the entire term.

Which type of financing a loan for the used car is aimed at depends on the financial options available and what is planned with the vehicle. We wish you a good hand in the decision and hope that you will have a lot of fun with your used car.


Credit for garden design


A beautiful garden is a dream of many people. Regardless of whether this is in connection with your own home or whether it can be found as a plot in an allotment garden association: If you have a garden, you also want to make it attractive so that it feels comfortable and can find sufficient relaxation.

But garden design is not always an inexpensive matter. Even if a lot is done independently, the plants, trees, shrubs and the infrastructure of the garden cost a lot of money. If an architect or horticultural expert is then consulted, the costs will quickly skyrocket. Probably the one who saved one or two USD here.

What types of credit are there?

What types of credit are there?

However, if you have not saved in advance and still want an attractive garden design, you will not be able to avoid doing it with the help of a loan for garden design. Depending on the garden and the time of the design, this can be recorded in different ways.

The installment loan as a loan for garden design

The installment loan as a loan for garden design

If you want to keep your garden in good shape regardless of any other construction project, we recommend that you take out an installment loan. It brings various advantages with it, which should make gardening and repayment of the loan much easier for you.

In this way you can take out the installment loan without giving any reason. Because an installment loan is not earmarked and you can freely decide for what you want to use the money from the loan for garden design. On top of that, you don’t have to submit estimates, as is the case with earmarked loans. This saves you a lot of work and you can set the desired loan amount individually.

Furthermore, the effective interest rate on an installment loan is currently at a very low level. If you take out the loan with the help of a comparison that you can carry out in advance with a comparison calculator on the Internet, you will find credit offers with a good credit rating that go along with an effective interest rate of less than 3 percent. You will hardly be able to take out any other loan so cheaply and easily.

The real estate loan as a loan for garden design

The real estate loan as a loan for garden design

If you want to do your garden design as part of a new building or a renovation of a property, you do not need to take out an installment loan, but can directly incorporate the costs for garden design into the real estate loan. The real estate loan includes all the work and materials that are required during the construction or renovation phase. This also includes garden design.

However, it is important that you immediately anchor the costs for this in the real estate loan and do not subsequently try to take out a real estate loan as a loan for garden design. This will not work and you will have to switch back to the simple installment loan.

The advantage of a real estate loan is its very long term. The costs are spread over many years and do not have to be paid back to the bank within a short period of time. However, if you took out a separate loan for garden design in addition to the real estate loan, this creates a double burden that can quickly become a real challenge financially.

Therefore, always try to include as many costs as possible in the real estate loan so that you do not have to “benefit” from such a double burden and so that you do not have to look at a garden that has not been prepared for years because there is no money in advance for its preparation is available.


Credit for doctors

Medical professionals belong to a professional group in our country that is particularly highly regarded. Help other people and are able to describe pain and suffering in a humane way. But doctors are also only people who have a private life in addition to their profession, which should be shaped. Anyone who also hires himself as a resident doctor has to make one or the other investment not only in the private but also in the professional area. And this is not always easy. Because even the good income that doctors can call their own is sometimes not enough to make all investments on their own. A loan for doctors must then close the financial hole that has arisen.

Practical finance as the greatest challenge

Practical finance as the greatest challenge

Practical financing for resident doctors is not an easy task. A lot of money must always be put in hand without being able to predict exactly how the practice will develop and what sales it will generate.

By the way: If you are a resident physician who is affiliated to an MVZ, you can expect special conditions from the banks for financing the practice. Since these medical care centers are usually connected to and managed by large hospitals, many banks see doctors in a completely different light and sometimes even classify them as employees in the public sector.

The loan for doctors for the private sector

The loan for doctors for the private sector

Anyone looking for a personal installment loan or real estate loan or car loan as a doctor must always distinguish when taking out a loan whether they are employed or resident doctors.

The advantage of being employed as a doctor in a hospital or in a spa facility and the like is that you work in the public service and have a fixed income. A loan for doctors can therefore be used for a civil servant loan, which – as the name might suggest – is offered not only for doctors, but also for civil servants.

The special thing about such a loan is the very good conditions that come with it. The interest rates on a civil servant loan are very low. And the possible loan amount and term also differ significantly from conventional loan offers. The financing of a property or other very expensive projects can thus be managed easily and without much additional security.

However, if it is a resident doctor who is looking for a loan for doctors for the private sector, the situation looks somewhat more difficult. As a resident doctor you are self-employed, which means that loan offers for the self-employed and freelancers have to be taken advantage of because the income from a permanent position is missing. Here it is worthwhile to look particularly intensively for worthwhile offers, as these are not very widely spread and banks and savings banks are usually only partially satisfied when they are supposed to grant such loans.

Business loans with bad credit history

Request a mini loan? Fast and online

It can sadly happen that you are just as timid about some extra money. Abruptly the washing machine breaks down, or maybe the tires of the car need to be replaced. Unexpected expenses which you can not pay at that time. In that case you might need a mini loan. A relatively touch that can cover sudden loss. Fortunately, there are enough options for those cases nowadays. You will find companies that can provide customers with a mini credit for the short term.

Would you therefore need a mini mortgage (with urgency)? To help you on the way, Bank Info gives you an obvious overview of the providers as well as the best interest rates. This way you will discover out which company best suits your wish for a small loan. Note: Borrowing cash costs money.

Balance dip: Also with Stability dip you can borrow cash with a minimum of 100 pounds to a maximum of 1500 pounds. As with  the interest price is 13. 99%. You need to repay a loan within sixty two days. However , it is important to select a friend, family member or relatives as a guarantor. If you select a guarantee provider via the associated Global Guarantee, you must pay out an additional amount. This depends upon your personal private situation.

Borrow without agent

Borrow without broker

You can therefore remove a loan with the above establishments for which no broker evaluation is required. This means that you can be entitled to a loan if you already have various other loans, for example. The advantage of this really is that this means a lower tolerance, as some companies may deny a loan based on your sign up with the broker. It must be kept in mind, however , that the above businesses are of course not at unneeded risk. They will test your dependability in their own way, and the basis of this they will choose whether or not to proceed with all the provision of a mini mortgage without broker. Applying for the mini loan is easily available and easier than funding from a bank. This is for that reason very useful for unexpected expenditures that you cannot currently cover. By the way, it is important to remember that loans with no broker require registration to become repaid within 45 times. When you take out such a mortgage, it is therefore good to consider whether or not this term is also simple for you.

Credit score Registration Office (broker)

Credit Registration Office (broker)

The name broker has been fallen a few times. To ensure that it is totally clear what body you might be dealing with, we briefly describe what the broker is. The particular broker is an institution that will keeps track of loans from everybody in the Netherlands. This means that if you owe money to 3rd parties, this is registered with all the broker. In this way, lenders may check whether someone currently has many loans, and it is thus wise for them to give a brand new loan. For some people this is an issue because many providers rapidly withdraw from multiple signed up loans. The advantage of mini financial loans is that they are not registered with all the broker. Moreover, many suppliers of the mini-credit do not test out your application at the broker, however they look at your financial position by themselves. Based on their own estimates, they will decide whether you are eligible for a little loan.

Lend without a pay slip

Borrow without a pay slip

If you do not have a fixed revenue, it is possible to apply for a loan. On the aforementioned institutions, you can always demand a quote. Of course , the opportunity of a final loan is certainly smaller. In many cases, the lender requests about the fixed income, to be able to see how much risk this individual runs when providing a mini-credit. So keep in mind that without a set income the maximum loan might be lower, or in some cases might be rejected.

Various parties

Different parties

As it grew to become equally clear between the company, there are various parties who can provide a mini loan. This is because there exists a difference between commercial celebrations and private providers. The businesses that fall into the latter portion should be seen primarily since platforms where borrowers plus providers can find each other. This really is also the case with Loandome, as indicated by the suppliers of a mini loan. Nevertheless , Loandome is different from the various other private platforms in its section.

The process of these platforms is that the asking for party can make a call for a mortgage. When an investor sees the phone call, he can determine whether he really wants to lend the money for this person. This means that the word asking for can in principle get replaced by the term ‘crowdfunding’. Nevertheless , it is important to keep in mind that for many of such platforms the conditions are very different than for the aforementioned events. A broker check is usually utilized here. In addition , Loandome’s colleagues often also have higher quantities.

Shift on the market

Shift in the market

As a consumer, you will no longer have to go to a bank for the loan. This provides various advantages. With the current state of affairs, a person as a consumer can obtain a mini-loan much faster. This way a person avoid paperwork and probable obstacles such as a broker evaluation. Borrowing without broker assessment has therefore become a great deal easier. Moreover, you no longer need to leave the house for such a mortgage. Easy step-by-step plans permit you to take out a loan online very quickly. However , it is wise to associated with right decision about which usually provider you choose. Providers occasionally offer competitive interest rates plus attractive conditions. It is therefore worth it to first orientate your self thoroughly before applying for the mini-credit.

Adobe flash credit

Flash credit

When having a mini loan, the shipping time is often very brief. Fast loans like these may also be called flash credit. If so you borrow a relatively lower amount, receive it for the short term, and often have to pay it back fairly quickly. Most providers declare the money can be deposited into the account within 24 hours. Nevertheless , keep in mind that this doesn’t always function that way in practice. It may be this 24 hours is based on a shipping period for which you have to pay additional. In that case you have to purchase a more costly package to actually get the cash that fast.

It may also be the case the fact that description applies to the digesting of the application. It may thus also be the case that the customer takes longer to evaluate your application before they in fact deposit the money. So realize that when you need acute money, you must not blindly assume that the mortgage amount is there within twenty four hours. In the case of mini-credit, therefore , have a beating when it comes to the anticipated receipt period.

Borrow with benefit

Borrow with benefit

As mentioned, it is often difficult to remove a loan when you do not have an everlasting contract. That’s because suppliers want to be sure that they obtain the money back. If they miss an everlasting contract, they consider the danger of default in that case to become greater. However , when it comes to little loans, this does not always need to be a problem. The provider really does indeed look at the financial situation from the applicant. So if you do not have an everlasting contract, you will have to provide regarding your financial situation. It is possible that the software provider does not borrow money upon that basis. Nevertheless, the particular threshold is often lower for the types of providers. As mentioned previously in the article, some suppliers also work with guarantors. Folks who can guarantee the loan which you take out with them. And if you can find someone yourself who are able to guarantee your loan, additionally it is possible to engage a third party with this. This of course costs cash. In this way it is still feasible to borrow money through such providers even with no permanent contract.

So for those who want to lend a small amount, there are plenty of choices. The so-called mini credit score or mini loan come in handy when bridging unexpected deficits. Due to the speed plus low threshold, this adobe flash credit is often quickly organized. Keep in mind, however , that the quickness of borrowing also means a quick repayment. So verify carefully whether taking out credit is also the most suitable solution to suit your needs.


Business Loans | What do banks evaluate by giving you a credit for your business?

When you are going to apply for loans for your own business , either because you need capital to start it, or money to boost it, banks will evaluate you to see if you meet the requirements to access the loan. Know what banks evaluate.

Your credit history

Your credit history

A credit history will be your best ally to access larger and larger loans. Therefore it is advisable to have some activity. If you have no credit history as a company, neglect, there are other aspects that will also take into account.

Your time of existence in the market

If you do not have a credit history as a company, banks will evaluate the time you exist in the market. Ideally, you have at least six months of operation.

This will let you know, according to your income and expenses, if you are part of profitable businesses and that is that banks need to recover the money they will lend you.

Your ability to pay

Your ability to pay

Banks cannot lend you more money than you can afford, so they must evaluate your ability to pay, so they will check your company’s cash flow.

This lets you know your company is a formal business. They will check if you have accounts with your tax returns. If not, try to have the necessary documentation to show that you are in the process of formalizing your business.

Your tax address


Banks will need a place to send notifications or communications related to your loan. It is difficult for them to give a loan if there is no such address.

These are the aspects that banks will evaluate before approving the loan of money that you request.

Try to have everything in order before introducing yourself to financial institutions. If everything is correct you can soon have the loan you need for your business . Remember to be punctual in your payments to avoid damaging your credit history .