Strange the title above? Know that the credit card can be considered advantageous.

First of all, remember: we are talking about an effective means of payment. It serves as an instrument for purchasing products and services when money is short in the month. The possibility of paying later, with a due date already established, is something to be taken advantage of. It is an account that is part of the budget , and can never be set aside, which leads to dangerous revolving credit when debt rolls out of sight.

Enjoy the benefits

credit cards with money cash

Besides being a useful tool, when used (consciously, by the way) credit card offers benefits to customers. According to the brand and type of plastic, it is possible to participate in promotions and also register in the so-called loyalty programs that companies guarantee. That is, the more loyal you are to the card, obviously using it without creating debt , the more advantages are offered. This is the case of traditional punctuation, whose accumulation becomes air miles. I know a lot of people who traveled to Brazil and abroad using their points.

Buy today, pay later

Buy today, pay later

Recently, exclusive benefits have been made available to customers, for example, VIP lounges at international airports, such as Guarulhos, in São Paulo. “Pampering” makes consumers even more loyal and varies by card type, and make a list of all your recent entries to get an idea of ​​how much you earn and which months you have the most service and the most money. If your work is rewarded through commissions you should also be careful. from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Besides the companies, who wins with so many differentiated services is the user.

Recalling that to turn the traditional “villain” into “good guy” in this story, you need to use credit card as a means of payment, a function that plastic performs very well.


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